HTML Athlete

licence: freeware
version: 2008
optimal OS: 32bit Windows
portable: yes
year of publish: 2008
archive size: 188 kB

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About HTML Athlete SDK

This program is focused especially to web developers who use (free) WYSIWYG environments. If you count among them, you may deeply agree that these programs do not worry about size of files on the output. They produce even most simple pages taking tens kilobytes of space on your hard drive!

Have you ever heared about
"post-processing" of web documents?

To post-process web documents means to prepare them for finall publishing on your web server. The user surely does not want to download tons of irrelevant content, so get rid of it just before you even offer your pages to public!

"HTML Athlete" is your solution to
post-processing of web documents!

How does it work? Following few sections explain. If you are not interested in, roll down for features overview.


The most important reason is to cut down transmition times to client browser. HTML Athlete employes for compression long-term algorithms proved during time. If you feed in a HTML file, you get a HTML file with rapidly shorter size, however, with the same content. You may feed in HTML, JavaScript and Cascade Style Sheets files.

Program safety

HTML Athlete is not only 100% free but also 100% safe! Moreover, a back-up copy is optionally created prior to processing.

Document recovery

Editing a compressed document is highly time consuming work where poor readability is a cause. HTML Athlete provides an inverse algorithm for recovery of your documents. Feeding in a HTML file, you get a HTML file, however, with indented structure and unchanged content. You may feed in HTML, JavaScript and Cascade Style Sheets files.

Features overview

Despite of HTML Athlete is only a tinny utility, it provides a lot of features which haven't been mentioned above. Here is their the complete list.

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript documents compression down to 40% of size of originals!
  • Recovery of HTML/JS/CSS documents with adjustable indentation.
  • Long-time developed algorithms for compression and recovery proved during time! (since 1999)
  • Batch or single document processing.
  • Processing of in-line as well as external JS/CSS.
  • Safety through backups and event protection (HTML only).
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface with all functions at hand (see screenshot).
  • 100% for free! (However, you should donate if you like it)

(C) Tomáš Nestorovič.
All rights reserved.