The 3 Same Symbols

licence: freeware
genre: logical
used technology: Flash, XML
year of publication: 2005
game size: 89 kB

The 3 Same Symbols is a funny relax stuff based on a very simple principle.

Your goal is to position falling stones blocks in a way so that pictures appearing on them create a line with at least three same symbols in any direction (even diagonally). While a block is falling, you may rotate its pictures and choose their optimal order to settling them down.

Play The 3 Same Symbols and try to beat your opponents in an on-line competition. Make your high score immortal in the on-line hall of fame!

You may want to have a look at the following rules of thumbs.

Tip 1 Althrough some stones already settled down, you still can swap the remaining ones yet falling!

Tip 2 The worst strategy is to build vertical series of same pictured stones.

Tip 3 During the game, an "joker stone" appears from time to time. It can be combined with any other stones, helping you in building a series.

And finally a warning: Don't play this game when you have some important deadlines - you will stick to it and will play on and on! The 3 Same Symbols is a huge time consumer at Winter as well as Summer nights! MAKE SURE YOURSELF!!

(C) Tomáš Nestorovič.
All rights reserved.